How do I book a session? You can fill out the form in our "Stay in Touch" page, email us at info@madmansound.com or call as at (909) 944-0100.

What if I want to cancel or re-schedule my session? Please be kind and call us at least 24 hours in advance if you are planning on canceling or re-scheduling your session.

When do I pay for my session, and what forms of payment do you accept? Full payment is due at the end of every session. We prefer cash, but we also accept debit and credit cards.

What if I want to split the bill with my band mates, can you split it for us? Yes, but it will be split by the hourly rate and not by a cash amount.

Can you give me a discount if I book a lot of hours? Sure! Give us a call and inquire about our block rates.

When does my session begin? Your session begins the minute we start the set-up process, including equipment and mics. Feel free to ask us in advance and we’ll give you our best advice on how to be prepared for your session and achieve maximum efficiency. 

How much time do I need to book to complete my project? It’s hard to say. How many songs are you doing? How big of a band do you have? How well rehearsed is the band? Do you want us to mix it and master it? If you give us a call we can give you a better idea.

What if I can't afford your studio? Give us a call. We can sometimes offer work-arounds that will save you time and money. Keep in mind, however, that work-arounds can sometimes result in an inferior product.

Our instruments suck! Do you have instruments we can use? Yes, we have a house drum kit with hardware, a bass, and a few guitars that you are welcome to at no additional cost.   

I have files in the "cloud" that I need for my session. Can we download them at the studio? We can, but we have a very slow internet connection, and the download time will be billed into your session.

Can I bring my own engineer? Yes, but we need to meet him first to ensure that he is competent and familiar with our equipment.